Water to Cripple and Heal

Our grandparents, Luther and Clara Weigle, in the mid-1920s built a summer house on the wooded shoreline of Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. The beautiful lake sits near the western boundary of the state, about halfway between Massachusetts and Maine. It stretches over ten miles mostly north-south, just over one mile wide in the middle part, with a prominent turn at the Tilson house at the north end. Sunapee swells with seasonal residents in summer and contracts in winter. Our mother’s family were among the part-timers, coming up from New Haven, Connecticut, every June. Continue reading “Water to Cripple and Heal”

The Swinging Gate – an Autobiography at Age 11

Mama was a writer, although raising a large family didn’t leave her much time. If she were living today, she would likely be a blogger.

From our mother I have 2 precious documents – an “autobiography” she wrote for school at age 11 and a notebook/scrapbook from the years 1941 to 1943 around the time she met and married our father. Here we’ll look at the first, later the second. Continue reading “The Swinging Gate – an Autobiography at Age 11”

Clara and Luther

Get to know your grandparents, and your life will be enlarged. Your life will extend back in time by half a century or so. You’ll gain an expanded perspective, because ideas, even worldviews, change over such a span. If you get a chance to see the world through the eyes of your grandparents and hear about it from their lips, by all means take advantage of the opportunity! Continue reading “Clara and Luther”