Who Let the Wild Ass Run Free? – Book of Job

Freedom exposes us to suffering. Humans grow up in the wild, apart from the presence of God and ignorant of God’s plans. To gain freedom, that’s how it has to be, because the world gives birth to freedom only in the absence of God’s dominant will.

Therefore, God created an uncaring world, behind which God hides, so that humans can gain freedom in a world that also brings suffering. This is the message I find in the biblical Book of Job. Continue reading “Who Let the Wild Ass Run Free? – Book of Job”


Does God Exist?

In Santa Fe I found the rock below which half of Uncle Dick and half of Aunt Mary lie buried. This blog centers on someone they knew, a scholar named Mortimer Adler who in 1980 answered the question, “Does God exist?” Continue reading “Does God Exist?”